The Internet has given us never-ending streams of attention-grabbing information that hijacks our ability to step out and reflect on our current well-being or state of mind. Before you know it, you already have lost sight of your destination and it will be hard to steer back.

Abundance is both a blessing and a curse. There is always more out there and in our view - we’re afraid we are missing out a lot of opportunities if we don’t act out on them. There is always more to miss, that’s what keep us from disconnecting.

Man in a lake

Reflection, the product of disconnecting, gives us a third-person view of ourselves. It brings awareness which we can’t realize when our brain is busy processing information - latest TV shows to binge watch for, notifications from you FB/news feeds, project todos, etc.

Having that third-person view of yourself is invaluable. You get to let go of biases and scrutinize yourself truthfully. A good example of this, is when we are giving advices to our friends. We are good at giving advices to other people, seeing through their flaws but it will be too difficult to realize when we are on the spotlight.

When you are giving advice you tend to have clear picture of the problem and able to find creative solutions. That’s what reflection is for!

Disconnecting and reflecting are tools to help better ourselves. In this distracted world, it’s our guide to purposely course our destination.

Spend time to really disconnect:  -  Start a work-day sabbath once a week. Beginning at 9pm on Friday until 9pm on Sunday.  -  Turn off phones and other non-important notifications  -  Find a place to reflect and just be lazy and do nothing!

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