How to regain your focus back

Scientists have discovered that our attention is shrinking . We can’t sit for a few seconds now without getting bored or wanting to do something like grabbing our phone or opening a new tab and visiting whatever dopamine-inducing sites we like.

In this fast paced world, where learning is a much skill to have in order to not become obsolete — having less focus or attention is a handicap. If we can’t focus for a few seconds, how can we deeply learn and solve complex stuff?

Teddy bear watching YouTube

If you don’t produce you won’t thrive.

Cal Newport’s Deep Work book has given me some glimpse on how we can regain our focus back and increase our impact in our work and life overall. Here are some of not so drastic changes I made overtime in order to decrease distractions:

  • I limit the number of tabs my browser can open.
  • I limit the number of services or apps I use.
  • I dumbed down my phone by removing noisy apps
  • I scheduled deep work block every day. Where I give sole focus to the task at hand.

Since then I have learned a lot of complex stuff like ReactJS, Redux, and Micro-services Architecture. It gives me more time to write for my blog/journal and work on my side-projects.

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