Restoring your brain's state

I missed being a junior developer. I missed it when someone already wrote the specification for me and I only need to codify it.

When I was a junior developer, the work that needs to be done is already laid out to me.

Codifying the solution is the only worry I have. I was young and naive, I don’t have to think thru other areas of my life.

As I grow older and gain more responsibilities. Everything is getting more ambiguous and blurry. I tend to have a lot of projects, a lot of things are now going in my mind and task-switching is inevitable.

This has a drastic degrading effect on my ability to focus. There are times that I spend few hours staring blank to the screen trying to get back in the zone and find solution to what I am working on.

Luckily, I have found a dead simple but yet effective solution that worked for me in the last few months.

I write it using this template:


That’s it. For each task I have I wrote a card using this template.

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